Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Daa’s Volleyball Story

Our co-ed volleyball program began in 2004 with the goal of creating a recreational volleyball league for kids of all abilities to join, learn the game of volleyball and have fun. We do not focus on wins and losses so the kids are free to have a good time with no stress or pressure to perform. We started with one session and 150 kids.   We now have 600 to 700 kids annually in our Spring, Summer and Fall team programs.  In Winter, we offer a Skills n Drills clinic which runs November thru March.

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If you enjoy volleyball or have kids who do, coaching or being an assistant coach is a great opportunity to be involved with them and give back to the community.  The commitment is just one night a week for 8 weeks.  Our league keeps growing and we need people to help us keep growing.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of every good organization and our program has been incredibly successful because of the willingness of parents to get involved.   Jump onto the court as a volunteer coach, assistant coach or offer up your area of expertise.  Keeping our website current with info, taking care of the end of season celebration, helping put teams together…we can always use another set of hands to help.

Kids benefit by seeing us teaching, leading and mentoring in the world of sport.

Please consider’s only one night a week for 8 weeks and it’s a blast!  

As our program continues to grow, we are expanding our Board and are in need of volunteers to fill the following positions:

Registration Coordinator-  Volunteer needed to help put teams together using Sportsengine's website.  Excel spreadsheet experience helpful.  Approximately 6- 8 hours in the beginning of each season.

Website Coordinator-  Volunteer needed to maintain and make changes to our Daa Volleyball website as needed.  Approximately 2-4 hours a month.

Advertising Coordinator-  Volunteer needed to set up advertising in advance of each season with local newspapers, website updates and sign makers.  There's also a need to have the ability to pick up and place signs at the schools twice a year once registration opens, or coordinate the placement.  Approximately 2-4 hours in advance of Spring and Fall season.  

Social Media Advisor-  Volunteer needed to set up Facebook page and use Social Media to promote and reach out to the community about registration and the happenings in Daa Volleyball.  Approximately 2-4 hours a month.

Youth Advisor-  Volunteer (preferably a young adult, former Daa volleyball person who has gone through the program) needed to help us stay current with kids wants/needs and ways to communicate well with them.  

Uniform Coordinator- Volunteer needed to order uniforms, coordinate pick up and delivery of uniforms in a timely way before or as our season starts.  Approximately 2-4 hours before each season starts, Spring, Summer and Fall.  

 Interested?  Please email me at or cell: 267-614-3911 and we'll set up a meeting or phone conversation to discuss questions/comments etc.  

 Let’s get started!  

Attention coaches and assistant coaches or anyone who is considering coaching Daa volleyball. Here's the details you'll need to know:

When: TBD
Where: Tohickon Middle School
Time:  From 6:30 to 7:30 PM
Who should come:  Anyone registered to coach, asst coach or considering volunteering their time.  
There will be an assortment of high school & club coaches to help new Daa coaches and us old timer Daa coaches by showing us the tricks of coaching and teaching kids what they need to know. Parents if you'd like to attend so you can help the kids at home, you're welcome to join us. You'll have an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to help our youth become volleyball stars! Coach Jessica Brennan (former LB State College all star) and assorted other high school and club coaches will be there and even if you've coached before, I think you'll find the information extremely helpful.  
Background Checks:  All coaches must go through the background check that's on Daa's homepage.  If you've been through the process, please confirm with your league director (listed below).  If you haven't been through the process, please start now by going to home page and click on "Background Checks" in the top right section of the homepage.  Please read through the page before clicking on the link so you understand what the steps are and what you'll need to do.  Many of you have already gotten pieces of the necessary paperwork so it's important not to duplicate things.  It will walk you through it.  You're not allowed to coach until you have at least started this process, so please start asap.  
T-shirts & Rosters:  We hope to have rosters to coaches by end of August.   T-shirts will be ordered but we can't guarantee they'll be ready by the coaches clinic as it's a quick turnaround for the orders to be processed, t-shirts made and delivered.  

Questions:  Please direct any questions you may have to either your Division leader or myself at the following email addresses:

Contact Information:
Daa Volleyball Sport Director:   Sherri Belfus  Email:

Division 1:  (5th/6th Grade): League Director – Art Bass
Email:   Cell: 215-680-0995

Division 2:  (7th/8th Grade): League Director – Jason Ostrander
Email:   Cell:  215-915-9600

Division 3:  (9th to 12th Grades): League Director – Sherri Belfus
Email:     Cell: 267-614-3911