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Updated 1-3-10

Q: How do I know which age group my daughter will be in?

A: We use the age on 12/31 to determine which league is appropriate. Please see the League Information Tab or the Registration tab to determine what age group your player will be assigned to.
Q: What equipment do parents need to supply their daughters?

A: Each player should bring their own glove. It is recommended (but not mandatory) to wear cleats. DAA will provide the softballs, bats, helmets and catchers gear.
Q: Can my daughter use her own helmet?

A: Yes, as long as the helmet meets current standards. All players at 10U and older MUST have a facemask on any personal helmet along with a chin strap.
Q: What are the age group leagues?

A: We have the following age groups:
6U – 6 and under (T-ball softball)
8U – 8 and under
10 U – 10 and under
12U – 12 and under
14U VIGS – 14 and under
18U VIGS – 18 and under
Q: When does the season start and end?

A: The season begins on April 1st and typically ends before school is out. The VIGS leagues do run into late June/early July.
Q: What parent expectations does DAA have regarding volunteering?

A: DAA is a volunteer run organization. All coaches are volunteers and DAA maintains the fields that we use. Parents are requested to assist with any field maintenance days that are communicated. Additionally, assistance is often needed during the season to help “rake the infield” to ensure a safe playing surface.
Q: What is VIGS?

A: VIGS is an acronym for Valley Intercommunity Girls Softball. This is a league of local communities so that teams can play other “recreational league” teams. DAA is one of the participating communities. Please visit for more details.
Q: Can I request my daughter be on a team with her friends?

A: For younger age groups (6U and 8U) – yes. However, with older groups (10U and older) we have skills evaluations and hold a draft. This allows for each team to have a distribution of talent. Therefore, requests for team placement are not honored in these age groups.
Q: Why do I need to complete a background check to be a DAA coach?

A: As part of our organization bylaws, we require all coaches (18 and older) to complete a background check. DAA pays for this service to ensure safety for the players to ensure that no-one coaches a team with an objectionable criminal background.
Q: What is Sunday Select?

A: Sunday Select teams exist for the 8U, 10U and 12U age groups.This is a more competitive environment where local communities (the same as VIGS) field a team to play only on Sunday. There is an additional cost to play Sunday Select. Further, the player must play on a “recreation” team and participate in try-outs for these spots. Times, dates and locations for the try-outs will be communicated to all registered players. The Sunday Select season runs from late April until the end of June and has in the past included a mid-season and year-end weekend tournament.
Q: What uniforms does DAA Softball provide?

A: Included in the registration fee, DAA Softball provides each player with: shorts and a t-shirt. Coaches will also receive a shirt.
Q: What is the DAA Zero Tolerance Policy?

A: DAA expects ALL parents, players and guests to promote good sportsmanship. There is no tolerance for inappropriate behavior (language, arguing, mocking/teasing, unsportsmanlike behavior). Any person displaying such behavior will be asked to immediately stop the behavior and/or leave the field. Umpires and coaches have the authority and responsibility to address any inappropriate behavior. All registrations for DAA sports include agreeing to the DAA Zero Tolerance Policy.
Q: Does DAA have a travel softball program?

A: Yes, DAA began a travel softball program in the fall of 2008.There are  three age groups (12U, 14U and 18U) currently in the program and tryouts are held in August. These teams are for higher caliber player, require year-round commitments, play in weekend tournaments and have higher financial commitments. Refer to the Travel Softball tab for additional information.