Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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About Doylestown Sr. Baseball


Doylestown Senior Baseball is administered by DAA for players 13 to 18 years old (19-39 is also available, but this program is not administered through DAA, see below).  Doylestown Senior Baseball provides an opportunity for all participants to play and support community baseball. Senior Baseball further prepares players for higher-level baseball such as their high school teams and American Legion Baseball.  Starting in 2017, there are two options for players; Spring only or Summer only.  Further, players registering for baseball in 2017 will have the option to add indoor training that will be facilitated by the coaches at Intensity with the assistance of Doylestown coaches (further details below).

Spring Senior Baseball

Players aged 13-16 (age prior to May 1st of the current baseball season) will participate in the Bux-Mont Connie Mack League. The Spring league begins play in early April, finishes by mid-May and consists of 10 weekend only games. There are no standings or playoffs in this league and it is designed to provide players a fun and instructional environment where they play teams from other Bux-Mont Organizations. The Spring Connie Mack League is intended for those players not interested or not planning to play Summer Connie Mack (see below).

For players aged 17-18, Doylestown participates in the Inter-Township League. This league begins in mid-April and continues into early June.  Teams that qualify participate in a season ending playoffs.  Players 17-18 years old can participate in the Spring Inter-Township League as well as Summer Senior Connie Mack (see below), depending on their level of commitment.

Summer Senior Baseball (Connie Mack)

All players 13-18 years old participate in the Bux-Mont Connie Mack League. Players aged 13-16 play in the regular Connie Mack League. The Summer Connie Mack league begins play mid-May with the regular season ending just after the 4th of July. For qualifying teams, a playoff is offered and runs through mid to late July, depending on how far a team advances.  The Connie Mack League has five different levels of play (refer below) with each level comprised of teams from Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Players aged 17-18 play in the Senior Connie Mack League. The Senior Connie Mack League begins play in early June with the season ending in early August. The Senior Connie Mack League provides a competitive baseball environment for those players who do not make the Doylestown American Legion baseball team.  Games for Senior Connie Mack are played on Wednesday and Sunday. For players 19-39, Senior Connie Mack is available, but this program is not administered through DAA. So if you are 19-39 and interested in playing, please contact Alvin Walton at

Doylestown Connie Mack Boundaries

Players residing in Doylestown Borough, Doylestown Twp. and Buckingham Twp. (most of Furlong is in Buckingham Twp.) are eligible for Doylestown Connie Mack teams.  If a player resides in the Doylestown Connie Mack territory and played their 12U baseball for another organization, they will need to play for Doylestown Connie Mack if the other organization is also in the Bux-Mont Connie Mack League. Players outside of the Doylestown boundary that are not part of a designated Connie Mack territory are also eligible to play for a Doylestown Connie Mack team. Our home games are played on the 60/90 fields at Lenape Middle School and CB West War Memorial field in Doylestown Borough as well as George M. Bush Park in Buckingham.

Registration Timing 

Registration for Doylestown Spring and Summer baseball begins in December.  Spring registration runs through March 2nd (wait list and late fees apply beginning March 3rd). Summer registration runs through March 31st (wait list and late fees beginning April 1st).

Training and Roster Selections

For the Spring, players are assigned on teams after registration has closed. The overall team talent is then the determinant of which league the team will play in (see levels of play below).

For the Summer, tryouts will occur for several weeks in April. Team selection will then occur in late April to allow the team time to practice, scrimmage against other Doylestown or local teams as well as play a tournament or two, if the team chooses, prior to the start of the summer season.

Levels of Play 

Doylestown is committed to providing opportunities at all levels. For the Spring League, teams are formed at the B1, B, and C levels.  For the Summer League, teams are formed at the A, B1, B, C1 and C levels, with A being the highest level competition. The B1 and C1 leagues are for more advanced (“travel” caliber) players and the B and C levels offer competitive baseball against other Bux-Mont organizations. Tryouts will be held in order to assign players to the appropriate level of play.

A Team  typically 15 and 16 years old. “A” is highly competitive Baseball for the most advanced players. Typically there is a 20 game season, followed by a post-season playoff tournament, if the team qualifies. Top seeded teams from the Bux-Mont Playoff tournament advance to the State tournament that runs through the end of July.

B1 Team -14, 15 and 16 years old. “B1” is highly competitive baseball. Typically there is an 18 game season, followed by a post-season playoff tournament, if the team qualifies. 

B Team – 14, 15 and 16 years old. “B” is competitive baseball. Typically there is a 16 to 18 game season, followed by post-season playoff tournament, if the team qualifies.

C1 Team – 13 and 14 years old. “C1” is a highly competitive league for the more advanced 13-year old players. Teams may also have up to four 14 year olds per team. Typically there is an 18 game season, followed by a post-season playoff, if the team qualifies. 

C Team - 13 and 14 years old. Teams may also have up to four 14 year olds per team. It is an introduction to the larger official 90’ field and an opportunity to play competitive baseball against other organizations.

Indoor Winter Training (see schedule HERE)

Indoor training for all players 13-18 years old will be an option at registration. Training, run by the coaches at Intensity and assisted by Doylestown coaches, has been designed to improve player skills in hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, and fitness/agility (calendar attached).  Additionally, age/skill sessions will also be run to focus on teamwork.  Training begins January 8th and runs through March 22nd and is currently limited to 50 players. The fee for this training is $250 and it covers as many sessions a player would like to attend, within reason.  Additional sessions beyond those in the calendar will be offered if there is sufficient interest from players who are not the first 50 to register, or players that would prefer to pay on a per-session basis.

For questions pertaining to Senior Baseball, please contact Ray Rudek (


Can a player play both the Spring and the Summer?  While this is possible, it is not recommended since tryouts for the summer teams will occur on weekends when the Spring League plays. The Spring league is intended for those looking to continue to play baseball, however, they do not want to commit to playing in the summer.  For those playing in the Summer, the spring period will be used to prepare the team for the summer season.  This includes tryouts for several weeks in April, team practices, scrimmages with other Doylestown or local teams and possibly a tournament or two. Tournaments will be a coaches choice and an additional per player fee will apply to register for any tournaments.

What if there are more than 50 players interested in Winter Indoor Training? Registration for Winter Training is first come first served.  Once the 50-player limit is reached all players will be placed on a wait list.  If the demand is great enough, additional training sessions will be added to accommodate the extra players and the players will be released.  If the demand is not significant enough, players will not be released and their name and contact information maintained in the case that there are training sessions available with openings. A per session fee will apply for those who are not part of the 50-player limit.

What if my son cannot commit to the full indoor training schedule due to other Winter Sports, but would like to participate in some training?  Please send your son’s name and contact information to and your son will be added to a list of players that will be notified when training sessions have availability.  If there is enough interest beyond the 50-player limit, additional sessions will be provided and filled on a first come, first served basis.